I am a writer, artist, traveler, and ALL-AROUND INTERESTING PERSON. I have many things to say and I say some of them here! This is a space for my short stories and illustrations. Some continue across several parts, some are a one-shot deal, and they vary in genre between fantasy, sci-fi, romance, and probably a bunch of other, annoying-to-qualify stuff.

This blog has morphed a few times since it started, but think of it as a place for me to do any and all of the following:

  • get out my artistic jitters
  • explore worlds that aren’t quite fully-formed in my brain yet
  • explore characters who I don’t think quite merit their own book and/or longer short story
  • play with ideas that are a little too close to fanfic for publication
  • experiment with style and form

I’ve previously had stories published in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine (you can read a review of my story “Debtors” here) and Betwixt magazine of fantasy and science fiction (you can read my story “The Book of the Lost” in full here.) You can learn probably a bit too much about me from my writing on the lifestyle website xoJane and learn nothing at all about me but something about my approach to cities and urban living from my articles on This Big City.

As for my artistic credentials, you can find my illustration, paintings, and linocuts on my Society6 page. I did the cover art for V. Wetlaufer’s 2016 book of poetry Call Me By My Other Name. You can also look at my official website here.

I’m currently working on a fantasy novel, The Golden City, which I am planning to self-publish later in 2017 (SEVENTEEN, lord, oh the time) on Amazon and other platforms. I’ve published a few preview chapters here on the blog, but, be warned: MANY EDITS HAVE BEEN MADE.

You can now support this blog over on my Patreon. 

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