I’m now working on recording the, uh, saga of Aunt Thompson. You can listen to it on libsyn here.

(I am not linking the story to which it corresponds, because you can scroll back one entry just as well as anyone!)

The podcast, it is late this week! What gives? A NEW JOB, FRIENDS, AND ATTENDANT EXHAUSTION AND NERVES. Fun stuff!


Hey! I’ve been moving around a lot in the past few weeks — I flew back from the UK on May 2nd, then spent a week with a friend in Boston, then came out to central Massachusetts to work on a farm for a while. The end result being a drop-off in posts and work in general.

However! The podcast continues! This week’s story is “Censorship.” You can listen to it on libsyn or iTunes, or you can read the original story here.

Yes, I WILL return to posting new stories on the blog soon! But, before then, here is the podcast on libsyn and (shortly) iTunes. The story this week is Your Mother and My Mother, part one.

A note on the music: You may notice that the intro and outro music has changed, to Borough by Blue Dot Sessions and The Streets of Sant’ Ivo by Art of Escapism. I misunderstood part of the text of the Creative Commons license on the songs I was using previously, so I’m not sure podcast usage was allowed. I re-uploaded all of the old episodes of the podcast with the new music to make sure it’s all good.

My apologies! I am still learning and getting my process nailed down!