This one does not have a summary of previous episodes, because in fact the last episode was only a week ago! SHOCK! You can listen to it on libsyn or iTunes. As I say to dozens of coffee shop customers throughout the week, enjoy. 

It is, unsurprisingly, the sixth installment of “The Woes of Aunt Thompson.” There is a short summary of what has gone before if you’ve fallen behind! You can listen to it on libsyn here and on iTunes later today. Also I have episode #33 recorded and cleaned up — just have to add the music cues for next Monday!


Hey! I’ve been moving around a lot in the past few weeks — I flew back from the UK on May 2nd, then spent a week with a friend in Boston, then came out to central Massachusetts to work on a farm for a while. The end result being a drop-off in posts and work in general.

However! The podcast continues! This week’s story is “Censorship.” You can listen to it on libsyn or iTunes, or you can read the original story here.