Hey! I am working on reviving this blog, and soon! . . . but I am still working on The Golden City, my fantasy book, the first three chapters of which are no longer available on this blog. What gives?

Well, one, I felt weird about putting long fiction in a place that is explicitly designated to be my short fiction repository; two, I embarked on some massive edits, particularly on the first part of the manuscript, so those chapters are now pretty far from representative; and three, I am now going to be putting information about the progress of that book on my Patreon. Some of this will be publicly available, and some for $1/month patrons.

Forward! Ever forward I go! *phew*

A year by any other name would still be three hundred sixty-five days.

And so: this is a three hundred sixty-five day project.

I am a miserably tired grad student, and this blog is primarily to make me happy. I like the original plan of five stories a week, and when I can, I’ll do that. When I can’t, I’ll post what I can, when I can, until I get to three hundred sixty-five short bits of fiction.

SO due to some unfortunate circumstances, my laptop is not working right now. This means that will be difficult for me to put up new illustrations for a while. HOWEVER, I should still be able to deliver the stories.


I have a brilliant friend, Kat Coy, who is halfway through an amazing project: she is creating one oil painting a day for a year (with weekends off.) She was an amazing artist at the beginning of this year, but watching her work grow and develop in the last 80 paintings has been really spectacular — and, unsurprisingly, inspiring.

I am not an oil painter, but I do very much need prompting and structure to practice my respective crafts: writing and illustration. So, without further ado, here begins my new project: a story of ~1000 words and an illustration (hopefully related), every day for a year, with weekends off.